Metadata for the Cookieless Now.

Optimize existing products and services or build all-new offerings using metadata for digital advertising.

What is Metadata ?
Synthetic User Engine

Build modern products, faster.

Sincera helps companies accelerate product development to tackle some of the hardest problems in digital advertising.

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MFA Discovery

Detect, avoid, and monitor known and newly-discovered made for advertising entities.

Attention-based Targeting

Build a world-class Attention Targeting product with unique metadata.

Inventory quality

Evaluate and target publishers based on ad configuration.

Competitive Analysis

Discover your competitor's customer base +  how fast they're growing,

Privacy Compliance

Create strict Privacy + Consent criteria, and evaluate publisher compliance.

Monitor and Alert

Ensure your customer deployments are working as intended.

Sincera SDK

Add Event Ingestion to the Mix.

Add automated alerting, anomaly detection, and full server side insights by sending your own event data to Sincera.

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The Sincera Dashboard provides insights on key industry sectors and technology - stay-up-to-date and discover new metrics created by the Sincera team.

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