Analyze, Build, or Both? 

Depending on your needs, you can leverage Sincera's Metadata to optimize and grow your business, or build all new products and offerings atop Sincera.  

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Accelerate Competitive Velocity.

Use Sincera's built-in global datasets to detect configuration issues and gaps, or zero in on opportunities to grow your footprint.

Filter, export, and drilldown on data quickly
Identify key competitors and discover customer opportunties
No code changes or deployments required
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Sincera for Building

Augment Your Products with Sincera Metadata.

Using Sincera Metadata, you can bring more robust, performant features to market faster - without having to build everything in-house.

Choose your area of focus

Choose whether you're optimizing or developing an existing product. Sincera's Metadata is particularly useful in Privacy, Ad Performance, Inventory Quality, or Made-for-Advertising Scenarios.


Select desired Metadata

Metadata acts as the "ingredients" to your offering - Sincera has many metrics available "off the shelf" for you to use in creating your product offering.

You can optionally target specific domains or URLs and set the frequency of metadata collection by creating a Private Job.

Define Your Model

Directly ingest the raw data from Sincera, and set your own weights and measures. Alternatively, you can use Sincera's Rulesets to make it even easier.

Declare what's important to you - are ads refreshing more frequently than 30 seconds a sign of low inventory quality? 


Release to Production

You've got the Metadata and the Model - now it's time to take that output (different scores set against a publisher or URL) and ingest it into your own production ad systems.

From here, you can sell it directly to customers as a targeting/avoidance solution, or observe and tweak the model as new metadata arrives from Sincera.

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